About Sarah

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Sarah – You are obviously certifiably bonkers. Thank God.
— Dawn French

Sarah’s expeditioning career started in her early twenties when, following the sudden death of her father, she prepared to row solo across the Indian Ocean in his memory, while raising money for charity. At 24 Sarah, after 124 days alone at sea rowing from Australia to Mauritius, Sarah became the first woman and youngest person ever to row solo across the Indian Ocean. She was awarded an MBE for this journey.

While out at sea, dreaming of traversing landscapes and meeting people, and immersing herself on the other major oceans, London2London: Via the World started to form. It became a 25,000 mile, 4.5 year journey that would see her row, cycle and kayak from London all the way around the northern hemisphere back to London again. Her aim was to raise money for her chosen charities, inspire people to embrace adventure and to ultimately return home safe and well. Sarah feels the journey was all the richer for not turning out exactly as planned and that the shadows and scars it revealed have helped her to grow.

The last decade has focussed on Sarah's journeys and storytelling, encouraging people outside and supporting a number of youth and health charities. Sarah has written two books on her journes, 'A Dip in the Ocean' and 'Dare to Do'.

Home from long term solo wandering now, Sarah is married to Lucy and working on new journeys of a different kind.