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A wonderfully honest and vivid account of living through one of the most extraordinary journeys a human being can undertake.
— Dame Ellen MacArthur

Between 2011 and 2015 UK adventurer Sarah Outen traversed the globe. For her expedition London2London: Via The World, Sarah was the engine, travelling by bike, kayak and rowing boat across Europe and Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and finally the Atlantic.

Sarah’s incredible 4.5 year odyssey saw her travel over 20,000 miles. As she migrated between cultures, climates and landscapes under her own power, Sarah’s inspirational voyage was followed by thousands, hooked on her infectious humour and love of life.

The punishing elements, ticking clock, months of solitude and storms pushed Sarah to the physical and mental brink. Woven out of hundreds of hours of footage from the expedition, Home intimately and unflinchingly captures Sarah’s journey: the kindness of strangers, the wonders of the wild, the savagery of the elements, the near-death experiences, the demons of her emotional trauma and PTSD, and her discovery of love for a farmer called Lucy.

Home is a story of heart and soul, of hardship and joy, and one woman’s trek towards true emotional acceptance.


Our filmmaker, Jen


Jen Randall is the filmmaker behind Light Shed Pictures. She aims to empower, entertain and challenge viewers with intricately woven, emotive narratives and a quiet sense of fun. She collaborates with athletes, artists and brands to put meaningful films into the world, sharing powerful personal stories and creating brand content with substance. Her work has been awarded major prizes at international mountain film festivals, been sold for broadcast, gained large online followings and been distributed across UK cinemas. She often quests into the wilds on adventures inspired by her subjects, from long distance walks to big walls.

Sarah on Jen: 

Coming home from my expedition, I put my vision for a film to one side, focussing on other ways of telling the story. I knew I had to find the right film maker, given that I was trusting something so precious to them. When I saw Operation Moffatt, without knowing who the director was, I knew I wanted them to make my film. There was something playful, bold, sensitive and just different about the storytelling and portrayal of its protagonists. So that's how Jen Randall came to be telling the story of my London2London journey. I knew she would honour the tapestry of it's meaning and impact on me, it's rawness and pain, it's joy and silliness, while also digging to find more. 

Jen is a bold, brave and also compassionate storyteller. Creative, intuitive, inquisitive and playful. She has won major prizes at international film festivals, been broadcast and worked with everyone from athletes to  big brands to community groups. All that you need to do now is go and check out some of her other films: lightshedpictures.com 

We asked Sarah and Jen questions about the process of making ‘Home’ over here.

Emotional, exciting, moving and obviously completely extreme.
— Clare Balding


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