I've made a film!

Filmic Genius and gem of a human being Jen Randall has been working her magic on ‘Home’, the film and it has been one heck of a journey making it and is shaping up into something we are both very proud of and I’m happy to say IT’S FINISHED!

'Home: An Outward Journey Inward' is a big, beautiful film, rich and deep and funny. Like the London2London expedition, it has come in a bit later than planned and having cleared out the coffers and more. What a beast. It has been messy and mind-boggling at times, but the finished result makes me and Jen really proud Film Mums.

Team shoutout

We are grateful to have collaborated with some talented creatives in these final months of post production. 

Elmaz and Milana from Nerd Productions have crafted shudderingly good animations and mesmerising maps; Ruth, Ben and Owen from We are Audio have created, mixed, layered and magicked a stellar soundtrack. 

Sharing it

Wonder woman Maren is designing graphics, building the website and planning the launch party and Jonny is beavering away on the UK cinema tour and global film festival entries.

So, when can you see it? 

We plan to send out download links to everyone who pledged for that option on the same day that we hold the launch party in the early summer (date tbc). That way, everyone can be there, even if they can't be there. 

And we will of course point you in the direction of the cinema tour once we have that nailed, too. 

Until next time,


Maren Sheldon